Communication applications for android

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Crypter – communication through images

 Project team: Nina Duhović (Frontend developer), Franko Hržić (Backend developer), Diego Sušanj (Project leader)

System Description: Project’s original goal was development of an Android application which would be used for communication using messages which would be encrypted into an image. Additionally, a PC application was developed which contained, in addition to the basic functions, some more advanced options.

The technical details are described in poster.


Intercom – voice and text communication

Project team: Dino Bikić, Mario Novak

System Description: The “Intercom App” is a student project of two students that included the development of mobile application for the Android platform. The main requirement of the application is to implement Bluetooth communication between two Android devices. Communication involves the transmission of text and audio data between two paired devices.

The technical details are described in poster.

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